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Great Lakes Ammunition was established in 2007 by a couple of engineers that were avid shooters looking for more affordable ammunition. We decided to take our 30 plus years of manufacturing and engineering experience to begin manufacturing ammunition for ourselves and the shooting community.  We have always had the same goal; provide a top quality product at an affordable price.

Great Lakes Ammunition has been serving the shooting community for 10 years with a customer base that includes shooting ranges, gun stores, gun clubs, NRA instructors, gun show dealers, and an online store. We are always looking to expanding our product proliferation in the marketplace and are continually seeking additional dealers and shooting ranges to carry our premier product line. If you would like more information about becoming a dealer please contact us.






Case Processing: The once fired brass cases are processed using the CAMDEX CASE PROCESSOR which is the only product that completely transforms a once fired case into “like-new brass”. All cases are fully resized, including the base of rimless cases to assure accurate and uniform chambering. Additionally, cases are pressure checked for splits and cracks, primer pockets are swaged and checked for ringed cases,  and the inside of the case is inspected for foreign objects.

Loading Process: The processed cases are loaded on a CAMDEX LOADING MACHINE is used to manufacture all of our commercial ammunition. This machine is capable of producing 4400 rounds per hour while continually monitoring 10 key operations simultaneously. This sophisticated monitoring system ensures that the right case is being loaded with a primer; the right amount of powder is used (accurate to ±0.10 grain); and the bullet is seated to the correct height. All of these measurements make certain that every round is loaded correctly and meets the all of the implemented quality check points for this operation.




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About Us

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