Welcome to Great Lakes Ammunition; we specialize in our own line of factory new, remanufactured, specialty, and custom pistol ammunition. All of our ammunition is manufactured on commercial processing and loading machines using only top quality, premium components. Manufacturing is conducted using the highest quality assurance practices in the industry to ensure that every round that is produced is of the utmost quality and meets all of the SAAMI specifications.






Dear Valued Customers:

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this update to you. We are trying our best to stay current with keeping all of our valued customers updated with what is going on.

 As it stands right now we have extremely large orders placed with every major component supplier and have only received partial shipments of these orders at this time. We are starting to receive some of the bullets we have ordered months before you placed orders with us. We are truly sorry for the extended delay in getting orders out and we wish there were more that we could do to speed things along, but we are at the mercy of our component suppliers. If I cannot get a firm date out of my component suppliers, there is no way I can give anyone a firm date on when their order is going to be shipped.

We have started receiving some of our components and orders should begin to be shipped starting next week. We are working seven days a week and are building and shipping bullets as fast as we can make them.

Additionally, I would like to state that all orders that have been placed are still valid and no orders will be cancelled unless we are directly instructed to do so by our customers.  Based upon previous shipping date commitments that were made to us by our component suppliers, some orders were initially billed, or billed in response to previously sent emails. These orders are going to be the first orders that will be filled as soon as components become available.  Please rest assured that your order will be filled as soon as we can and in no way are we trying to deceive our customers by billing their credit cards, again the delays are out of our hands and rests with our suppliers.

If your credit card hasn’t been billed and the temporary authorization has expired, your orders are still in place and we will contact you when your order is ready to be shipped.

We appreciate all of our customers and we are trying our best to get orders out as quickly as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this matter and wish we had better news at this time. We will keep you updated as we know more and as we receive more of our ordered components. If you cannot wait any longer and wish to cancel your order, we will be sad to see you go, but we do understand.




Thank you for your patience,

Great Lakes Ammunition





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